Gout – Gout afflicts around 2-4% of the US population (10M+) and can range as high as 10% in some countries. But the vast majority of treatments focus on chronic management, with very little that works within the first days following an acute attack. We have shown statistically significant efficacy at reducing the pain of an acute attack within hours of treatment.

Oncology – Solid tumors account for over ~90% of the 15-20M cancer patients diagnosed each year (~2M in the US alone). Here we are working with an agent with a well-known mechanism of action. It is an effective influencer of the tumor microenvironment across the majority of solid tumors, but historically presents a delivery challenge in humans.

Dyschromia/Melasma – Dyschromia and melasma are conditions marked by discoloration of the skin, and together afflict over 5-10M patients in the US. Here we are working to deliver a known active molecule transdermally to shut down the underlying sources of skin discoloration, the melanin pumps that can become overactive and cause these conditions.

Rhytids – The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles (rhytids) represents the largest proportion of the massive aesthetics market, with 7-10M treatments in the US each year. Our approach focuses on diminishing facial wrinkles and fine lines, delivering botulinum toxin like results without a toxin, without a needle, and without diminution of muscle activity.

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