Dyschromia/Melasma – Dyschromia and melasma are conditions marked by discoloration of the skin, and together afflict over 5-10M patients in the US. Here we are working to deliver a known active molecule transdermally to shut down the underlying sources of skin discoloration, the melanin pumps that can become overactive and cause these conditions.

Dermal Hygroscopy – The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles represents the largest proportion of the massive aesthetics market, with 7-10M treatments in the US each year. Our approach focuses on diminishing facial wrinkles and fine lines, delivering botulinum toxin like results without a toxin, without a needle, and without diminution of muscle activity.

Oncology – Solid tumors account for over ~90% of the 15-20M cancer patients diagnosed each year (~2M in the US alone). Here we are working with an agent with a well-known mechanism of action. It is an effective influencer of the tumor microenvironment across the majority of solid tumors, but historically presents a delivery challenge in humans.

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