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Dyve Technology turns the skin into a bioavailability portal, allowing topical, non-physical skin penetration of a range of therapies. We've achieved needle-like doses and speed and avoided the GI distress of pills.


Dyve Biosciences Announces Positive Results from Pilot Study in Gout Pain at European Crystal Network Workshop 2019

Dyve Biosciences announced positive results from a human proof-of-concept pilot study of transdermal sodium bicarbonate for reducing pain associated with an acute gout flare.

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It's Official: Dyve Biosciences Has Launched

Dyve Biosciences has officially launched, and is focused on its core Dyve Technology, an innovative approach that enables therapy to be transported quickly and deeply through the skin, allowing rapid penetration into targeted tissue. This unique approach offers the promise of delivering therapeutic molecules to areas that could previously only be reached with a needle.

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We are not your average company. We are fearless and unconventional. We love whiteboards. We love science and believe in its ability to tackle the toughest problems. We love our dogs. We love our work and have fun doing it.


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I’m originally from the east coast, born in New York and raised in New Jersey, and people love to ask me how New York and California compare. I moved to San Francisco in 2000 when the bubble was expanding pretty rapidly. I worked in tech for a hot ...


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I wouldn’t say I’m fat. My grandma would’ve said I’m husky. My lazy dog, Scout, gives me the side eye. Maybe he always looks like that. I’ve definitely packed on a few. For the most part happily. I like what I like ̷...


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