Dyve Biosciences Presents Preclinical Data from Lead Oncology Drug Candidate, DYV800, at the American Association for Cancer Research 2023 Annual Meeting

CAMARILLO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dyve Biosciences, Inc. (“Dyve”), a clinical-stage platform biotechnology company with assets in immunology and oncology, today announced the summary results of a poster presentation from the on-going preclinical partnership with the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute (“Moffitt”) showing preclinical data from the company’s unique delivery approach that unlocks the powerful effects of neutralizing the TME acidity.

The poster, presented in collaboration with Moffitt, showcased data demonstrating the delivery of intuitive, targeted pH modulation to treat solid tumors. Tumor acidosis plays a major role in tumor aggressiveness, invasion, and resistance and is an important target for novel anticancer strategies. In the presentation, Dyve and Moffitt demonstrated for the first time that the extracellular pH of tumors can be increased upon application of a buffer formulation delivered transdermally, bypassing the GI tract and unlocking a more viable route to TME buffering therapy in oncology.

“Dyve continues to advance research in areas where our pH modulation program can unlock decades of ‘settled science’ using our proprietary delivery technology. Our transdermal alkalinization treatment induced pH changes in a murine melanoma model as measured with MRI-CEST pH imaging and demonstrated for the first time that the extracellular pH of tumors can be increased upon application of a buffer formulation delivered transdermally. We are eager to translate these promising results into the clinic, including through our strategic alliance with Moffitt, and believe the on-going studies will continue to validate our approach and ultimately benefit patients across a number of different tumor types.” – Ryan Beal, M.D., CEO, Dyve Biosciences

The research was published in AACR Journals and is available here: https://aacrjournals.org/cancerres/article/83/7_Supplement/2391/721916

About Dyve Biosciences, Inc.

Dyve Biosciences (“Dyve”) is a clinically validated biotech that is breaking barriers to deliver on the promise of pH modulation. Decades of published research demonstrate that neutralizing microenvironment acidity profoundly impacts disease, with multi-fold improvements in tumor metastases, cancer survival, and immune response. Leveraging our groundbreaking DMAX delivery platform, Dyve’s science directly targets the acidic microenvironments that drive cancer cell growth and inflammation. Dyve has demonstrated that it can deliver intuitive, targeted pH modulation to treat oncologic and immuno-inflammatory diseases.

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