I’m Chubby

12 June 2018 / Ryan Beal / No Comments

I wouldn’t say I’m fat. My grandma would’ve said I’m husky. My lazy dog, Scout, gives me the side eye. Maybe he always looks like that. I’ve definitely packed on a few. For the most part happily. I like what I like … and many of those things have high caloric density. Or are in the form of what many experts would call “empty calories.” Pfft.

But, ever the optimist, I’d characterize my current situation as … well, let’s just say my body has enjoyed a bull market! One with consistent and ever rising returns. Basically I was part of my own little Tulip Mania. Times were good. I kept buying. And the returns kept coming. Grandma, Scout … I was a growth stock!

That said, I’m ready for a capitulation. Some panic selling. I’m going to add some volatility and shake things up. Sometimes the market is a bit rich and when it is, it’s best to recognize it and, ahem, take some chips off the, ahem, table. Beer too. Or switch to a lighter beer. Or promise that when you drink beer you’ll exercise it off. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Run it off.

Sidebar: hats off to the guys at MadeWest. They’re cool dudes and their beer is fantastic.

Anyway, a few of us from the office are going to train together … I’ll be aiming for the LA Marathon next year with some interim races in the works. Not sure if I’ll throw any triathlons in there (at this point my buoyancy could only help), but I’m aiming to get fit. And fast. For once in my life, I yearn to be a value stock.

So, let’s start with a chubby growth stock, take away some beer, add some running, and see if I can emerge as a fit and fast value stock and post up a respectable time at the LA Marathon 2019. I’ll keep you posted … and of course I’ll be training with the help of Topical Edge (and nursing my aches and pains with Dyve Comfort).

Hit me up if you have a hankering to join me in LA next spring. I’ll be hoisting a Made West IPA to celebrate!

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