Y’all Need Science

2 May 2018 / Nathan Fitzsimmons / No Comments

So what’s with all the anti-science / pseudo-science noise out there? Aside from the obvious reason that Mark Zuckerberg gave everyone’s various cat-lady aunts a megaphone.

Last time I checked science mostly just meant doing things in a logical, considered way, paying attention to what happens and drawing well supported conclusions. It’s a surprisingly effective way of figuring things out. It’s gotten us out of the caves, into space, onto the internet, and bumped up our life expectancy well beyond the 20-30 range. I’m not going to lie and say it’s always the perfect way to make decisions but like the famous quote about democracy – it’s only better than every other way that’s been tried.

I say we push back on the noise. Demand data. Demand the receipts. A pretty face or a fancy title is no substitution for someone who knows what they are doing. And speaking as a former scientist, letters after your name doesn’t always mean that you know what you are doing. If someone isn’t willing to explain the why and their thinking to you then there is a good chance they are trying to sell you a product or an agenda (whether or not they even realize it). They may still be trying to sell you something when they have data – but at least you can have a bit more trust in that something doing what you want it to.

So, ignore the spin, ignore the marketing, do some research, check your sources, and remember science isn’t a dirty word.

We could all use a little more science in our lives.

And on a side note, for those of you who’d rather stick to your alternative medicine / homeopathy / carnival-barking snake oil sales-folk, I’ve got some guaranteed-effective-or-your-money-back shark / lion / terrorist repellent I can sell you if you are interested.

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