What procedures can Dyve Comfort be used for?
Because Dyve Comfort reduces pain through the full thickness of the skin, it works well for procedures that produce pain beneath the skin’s surface like skin tightening. It works quickly so you’ll find it beneficial for injectables and more superficial laser treatments too. Many of our customers have seen success across a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

How effective is Dyve Comfort?
Dyve Comfort was tested in almost 100 patients across a range of procedures. There was an average reduction of 67% in pain scores as deep as 4.5 mm+. Over 90% of patients were favorable towards using Dyve Comfort again on future aesthetic procedures.

Will this completely stop my patients pain?
Dyve Comfort makes uncomfortable procedures bearable and bearable procedures comfortable. It does not eliminate all pain.

What is the safety profile of Dyve Comfort?
Lidocaine and Benzocaine are proven topical analgesia methods. The unique Dyve Technology enables them to be effective at over-the counter concentrations. Clinical studies show an extremely high safety profile.

How long is Dyve Comfort effective for?
Dyve Comfort is effective for up to 2 hours. Patients can also take home a smaller quantity of gel for use over the days following a treatment to minimize their post-procedure discomfort.

How does the cost of Dyve Comfort compare to other topical analgesia?
Unlike compounded products, Dyve Comfort is made in a regulated skincare production facility so it’s not directly comparable to compounded products. Even so, Dyve Comfort costs generally less (as little as 25 cents / gm) and represents <1% of typical treatment costs.

Who makes Dyve Comfort?
Dyve Comfort is made in the United States by Dyve Biosciences under strictly regulated conditions in a GMP skincare production facility. You can rely on us to deliver a quality product so you can give your patients a consistent treatment experience.

Is Dyve Comfort the same product as Procicept?
Yes, Dyve Comfort is the next generation of Procicept.

How much product is supplied?
Each pair of 200g jars provides enough gel for 20 to 35 full face energy treatments and over 700 lip injection treatments.

What are the active ingredients in Dyve Comfort?
Dyve Comfort L-lidocaine 4% gel (with 1% menthol) and Dyve Comfort B-benzocaine 20% gel (with 1% menthol).

I am used to using stronger concentrations of lidocaine and benzocaine, how can Dyve Comfort be as effective?
OTC strength Dyve Comfort provides the same level of efficacy as higher percentage topicals because of the unique Dyve Technology. This ensures the actives are delivered deep into the skin to reach the source of pain more effectively.

How do I use Dyve Comfort?
You can use Dyve Comfort in the same way you use other topicals. First, glide a liberal layer of the Dyve Comfort L – Lidocaine gel on the area to be treated. Second, glide a liberal layer of the Dyve Comfort B – Benzocaine gel on the area to be treated. Note: there is no need to wait in-between applying Dyve Comfort L and Dyve Comfort B, and no need to rub Dyve Comfort in.
At this point, you should not be able to see the skin clearly through the product. Time on the skin depends on the procedure. After waiting the prescribed time, wipe the area clean and begin treatment.

How long should I leave Dyve Comfort on the skin?
Based on real world experience, Dyve Comfort is effective in approximately half the time of commonly used topical analgesic agents. Your experience will depend on your patient and their tolerance levels, and the treatment you deliver. As a guideline:
For dermal filler, Dyve Comfort should remain on the skin for ~5-8 minutes. We suggest applying beyond the vermilion border as well as a liberal amount on the mucosal region for more of a full thickness effect. Dime to nickel size thickness of each product.

How do I order Dyve Comfort?
You can order Dyve Comfort from our online store, or by calling us at +1.833.DYVE.BIO

I have additional questions.
You can contact us using this online form or by calling us at +1.833.DYVE.BIO

Since I have been using Dyve Comfort with my Ultherapy® patients, I have seen a night and day difference in the level of discomfort they experience. It has also helped to overcome the reluctance that some patients feel about having a treatment at all.

Laqueta, RN | Thousand Oaks, CA
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