DYV-700 – Gout – Gout afflicts nearly 2-4% of the US population (10M+) and can range as high as 10% in some countries. It is also one of the fastest growing therapeutic areas driven by the association with diabetes, obesity and other fast-growing maladies. The vast majority of treatments focus on chronic management, and there is a lack of effective options to manage the extreme pain subjects endure within the first few days during an acute gout attack. The pain of an acute gout attack leads to emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and missed days of work. Rapid reduction of this pain is a critical step in reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with gout. Dyve provides rapid delivery of an alkalizing agent to solubilize pain-inducing uric acid. When using Dyve’s technology, a high percentage of those with gout benefited from pain relief as early as 15 minutes after applying treatment.

DYV-600 – Melasma – Melasma is marked by discoloration of the skin and afflicts 50-70% of post-partum women. Dyve’s technology delivers transexamic acid deep into the skin to deliver significant and fast reduction in pigmentation with results that meet or exceed invasive treatment options.