15 May 2018 / Nathan Fitzsimmons / No Comments

Please Step Away from the Jargon

As a reformed corporate consultant, I’ll own up to my part in the proliferation of buzz-word gibberish and meaningless corp-speak. But I think we can all agree it’s gone too far without getting bogged down in assigning blame. Sometimes when I find myself in conversations chock full of language that no one would consider using over a beer or a barbeque, I find myself wondering just how many of the othe...

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2 May 2018 / Nathan Fitzsimmons / No Comments

Y’all Need Science

So what's with all the anti-science / pseudo-science noise out there? Aside from the obvious reason that Mark Zuckerberg gave everyone's various cat-lady aunts a megaphone. Last time I checked science mostly just meant doing things in a logical, considered way, paying attention to what happens and drawing well supported conclusions. It's a surprisingly effective way of figuring things out. It's gotten us ...

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Pretty much every corporate mission statement has some blah blah about putting customers first – but words are cheap and the reality is their actions rarely feel that way. For instance, the first line of Ticketmaster’s mission statement is “At Ticketmaster, we strive to put fans first.” But it’s hard to see how that extra $15 for the service fee and order processing fee and facility charge fee I ...

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